1. Hello My Name Khal Hak And I Am The Owner Of Sham Restaurant, Welcome To Sham Is A Family Business, We Specialize In Vegan And Only Vegan Products Sham Opened Its Doors In May 2017 In The Little Italy District In Montreal, The Recipes Are Prepared By Me As I Am Passionate About Plant Based Cuisine, The Ingredients Are Fresh And Most Of Our Products Come From Local Suppliers We Are Proud That Our Restaurants Are Zero Waste And Zero Wasting And 100% Plant-Based And Homemade And Eco-Responsible After Setting Up Vegan Restaurants, Sham Is Proud To Start Delivering High Quality Frozen And Fresh Foods Ready-To-Eat Meals
    Sham Is The First International Restaurant That Offers Vegan Products With Recipes From All Over The World Our Shawarma And Shish Taouk Made Of Shiitake Mushroom Better Than Meat Because 60% Of Our Customers Are Customers Who Love Meat We Also Have Indian Recipes Like Tandoori And Shish O Butter And Biryani And General Tao And We Don't Forget Our Falafel With A Recipe Dated More Than 50 Years Ago, We Also Have Our Moroccan Dishes Like Tajine And Couscous So All Our Products Are 100% Plant-Based And Homemade Our Plant Based Organic Tempeh Made From The Best Products . Our Humus Is Prepared Fresh Every Day in The Original Way and Our Appetizers of Kibeh and Vine Leaves Are Made Like At Home